Black Mamba Strain


Black Mamba Strain

Black Mamba Strain

13%-20% THC

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First Bred By Blue Grass Seeds, Black Mamba Is A Compelling And Intense Indica Strain With Long-Lasting, Psychoactive And Therapeutic Effects. Although It Is Unconfirmed, Many Argue That The Name Pays Homage To The Venomous Snake, Others Claim That It Was Named After The Ferocious Bride From Kill Bill, And Others Dispute That It Was Named After The Late And Great, And Arguably One Of The Most Talented Basketball Players Ever, Kobe Bryant. Despite The Actual Origins, All These Inspirations Share One Similar Characteristic – Their Killer Instinct Or Deadliness And Black Mamba Weed Is No Exception. With Parents Like Black Domina And Blue Bubblejuice, There Should Be No Surprise To This Potent Indica’s 23-25% Average THC Concentration. These Higher Than Average Levels Explain Black Mamba’s Extremely Intoxicating High That Is Described By Its’ Psychoactive Characteristics, Imparting Users With A Mind-Numbing, Giggly And Upbeat High. Physically, This Indica Is Sure To Impress And Meet All Standards When It Comes To Bag Appeal. The ‘Black’ In The Name Might Also Refer To The Amount Of Anthocyanin Pigments Found In The Plant, Giving Black Mamba Its’ Distinct Royal Purple Hues Found In The Buds And Leaves. The Enticing Flavour And Aroma Of This Strain Are Characterized By Its’ Fruity Base, With Notes Of Red Grapes And Sweet, Bubbalicious Chewing Gum And Mellow, Earthier Undertones.


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Black Mamba

Being Named After A Highly Deadly And Venomous Snake, You Can Sure Bet That The Black Mamba Strain Is Just As Potent As Its Namesake–Though Instead Of Being Killed With Poison, You’ll Be Hit With A Blissful High! An Indica Dominant Hybrid, This Strain Named After The Infamous Snake Has A THC Potency That Can Reach As High As 25%, A Potency That Is To Be Feared By Any Cannabis User! It Was Created By Crossing Blue Bubblejuice And Domina Strains, Meaning It Is Also A Descendent And Part Of Blueberry And Northern Lights Family Trees, Two Widely Popular And Legendary Strains Within The Cannabis Community. Despite Having Such A Deadly Name, Its Aromatic Profile Predominantly Includes Notes Of Florals And Fruits, Making It An Extra Delightful Smoke For An Already Enjoyable High!



Just Like A Snake Ready To Pounce, The High With Black Mamba Will Catch You Fast And Act Quickly. It Starts Off As A Powerful, Heady High That Is More Likened To A Sativa High. It Can Be Intense And Will Have Your Thoughts Racing From One Idea To The Next, Making You Feel More Talkative As Well. This Conversational Aspect Of The High Makes It Great For Social Settings As You Work Up A Chat, However If You Are Using The Strain Alone, The Newfound Energy Can Help Motivate You To Tend To Tasks And Errands, But Is Also Good For Relaxing And Putting On A Good Movie. New Users Of Cannabis Might Want To Be Careful As The High Can Be Trippy And Induce Paranoia If You Are Not Familiar With Such Hallucinogenic Effects. Despite Having A Strong High, The Strain Will Not Tire You Out And Is Good For A Happy And Relaxing Chill Vibe, Whether You’re With A Group Of Friends Or Getting Some Quality, Well-Deserved Personal Time. It Can Be Effective In Providing Stress Relief, Managing ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, As Well As Chronic Pains Or Headaches.


THC Content

Black Mamba Is An Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain With 70% Indica To 30% Sativa. It Typically Averages At A 20% THC Count, Though Has Been Measured As Low As 13% THC Potency And Upwards Of A Staggering 25%! Its Parent, Domina, Also Referred To As Black Domina Or Dominia,  Is A Pure Indica That Was Created By Sensi Seeds Via An Impressive Four Way Cross Of Canadian Ortega, Northern Lights, Afghani And Hash Plant. It Averages Between 15% To 20% THC Potency. Its Other Parent Is Also An Indica Leaning Hybrid: Blue Bubblejuice, A Concoction From Dutch Passion And Made By Crossing Bubblejuice (Itself A Cross Of Juicy Fruit And Bubblegum) And The Super Popular Blueberry Strains.


Appearance & Aroma

Like Its Namesake, Black Mamba Is Easily Identifiable With Its Rich, Dark Colours. Its Flowers Carry Captivating Shades Of Deep Purples And Dark Forest Greens. The Nugs Are Small To Medium In Size, Have Curly Leaves, Are Super Dense And Highly Resinous, So Are Also Quite Sticky! Not Only Is This Strain Eye-Catching, Its Aromas Are Also Inviting! It Has Fragrant Floral Notes, And A Strong Fruity Scent That Is Most Similar To Grapes. There Are Also Undertones Of Skunkiness, And When Smoking, The Sweet And Tasty Flavours Of Florals, Berries And Grapes Are Accented By Notes Of Earthy Pine And Wood!


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