Buddha Haze Strain


Buddha Haze Strain

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Buddha Haze Strain

Buddha Haze Is A Feminized Cannabis Strain That Has Been Meticulously Crossed By Big Buddha To Obtain A Special With A Unique, Potent And Super Fresh Taste. Born Out Of Amnesia Haze And A Reversed Manga Rosa, This Strain Rewards With Massive Outdoor Yields Of 750 G/Plant, Amazing Tropical Fruity Flavors And A Bewitching High. Having Acquired What Is Undoubtedly The #1 Haze Cutting In Holland, The World-Famous Amnesia Haze (Also Known As Super Silver And G-13 Haze), Big Buddha Knew They Had Something Special. The Manga Rosa Was Collected By Friends From Spain – It’s Believed To Be A Real ‘Spiritual Sativa’ Strain, Originating From North-East Brazil. The Buddha Haze Has An Amazing Tropical Flavoured Fruity Haze And Is Highly Unique. It Really Is All About The Haze… Buddha Haze!


Buddha Haze – A Delicious And Massive Yielder Worth The Wait

Buddha Haze Boasts A Distinguished Lineage With Her Parent Strains Being A Combination Of The Renowned Amnesia Haze And A Reversed Manga Rosa – A Brazilian Landrace. The Parents Blessed Their Child With An Upbeat And Sensational Buzz, Haze Sensations And A Pungent Mango Aroma.


Cultivating Buddha Haze Is Very Easy Especially If You Have Some Experience Beforehand. The Strain Can Grow Successfully Outdoors, Indoors   And Even In Greenhouses.  Outdoors, The Plant Can Grow Up To 6-1/2 Feet Tall And May Need To Be Regulated With The Use Of SCROG Methods. The Potency Of Her Buds And Amazing Fruity Haze Smell Is Worth The Flowering Time Of 11-13 Weeks Indoors. Being A 90% Sativa Strain, Buddha Haze Is Less Productive Indoors Bringing Small Crops Of 100g/M2, Which Can Be Optimized By Using Hydroponics. Early Topping Off Is Also Recommended To Prompt The Plants To Grow Outward As Opposed To Upwards.  If Cultivated Outdoors, The Strain Produces Impressive 750g/Plant And Is Ready To Harvest In Early November.


Monstrous Yields Outdoors;

One Of A Kind Super Fresh Taste And Delicious Mango Haze Flavor;

SCROG And Hydroponics Can Help To Increase Yields.

An Exotic Fruit Cocktail

Buddha Haze By Big Buddha Elicits A Bewildering Haze Buzz That May Weigh Down Beginners.  Her Super Energizing And Uplifting Sensations Makes This Strain A Highly Adored Option.  However, You May Have To Consider Your Tolerance Levels Before Trying Buddha Haze As It Can Be A Huge Psychedelic. This Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Can Also Be Used Medicinally To Treat Stress, Headaches, Fatigue And Depressive Disorders.


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