Ccell Palm


Ccell Palm

Ccell Palm

Our Authentic Ccell Palm Battery Is The Easiest And Most Discreet Way To Enjoy Your Oils. Other Than The Cartridge Of Your Choosing, This Is Everything You Need. Simply Slide In An Oil Cartridge Such As The Ccell TH2.


500mah, 3.7v Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery (Charger Included)

Buttonless Inhale Activation

Easy Loading Magnetic Connection For All Vape Cartridges (2x Magnet Adapters Included)

Durable Aluminum Alloy Housing

Compatible With All Oil Cartridges

Includes Retail Packaging As Pictured, Ships Within 24 Hours.


Ccell Palm Battery

Have You Been Looking For A Better, Easier Way To Enjoy Your Favorite Vape Oils? The Next Generation Of Batteries Are Here! Introducing The Beautifully Simple, Versatile, And Discreet Ccell Palm Battery. This Intuitively Designed, Rechargeable Oil Cartridge Battery Fits In The Palm Of Your Hand—But Don’t Let Its Size Fool You.



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