Versace Og


Versace Og

Versace Og

Bred From Sour Diesel,  Kush, And Granddaddy Purple, 3 Notoriously Crystal-Heavy Strains. The Trichomes Blend Well Together And Interact To Create An Intense Head High. The Sour Diesel Wakes Up A Stagnant Mind, Layered With The Bodily Relaxation Of Granddaddy Purple, Topped Off By Kush’s Reputed Joyful Effects.Buy Versace Online Ireland


When Dabbed As A Pungent Wax, I Felt The Effects As A Mostly Invigorating, Mobile High. Even Being D Tired Physically, I Kept Having Little Sparks Of Ideas For Different Projects. Being Physically Exhaust However, The Sumptuous Body Relaxation Loosen My Muscles And Ease My Aches. Making It Easier To Chill On The Couch. If I Have Smoke  A Little Earlier In My Day, Before The Day’s Hustle Wore Me Down. I Probably Will Have Got More Work Do And In A Better Mood. Being A Premium Luxury Strain. It Tastes Pretty Smoothly Of Florals And Citrus, Shadow By The Diesel Aroma On The Exhale.


It Is A Great Strain For Quelling Symptoms Of Depression Making It A Great Medicinal Cannabis. But I Also Find The Mental Energy Which Make It Great For A Party. Essentially. Anytime You Feel Like You Can Be In A Way Better Mood, This Strain Is A Safe Bet You’ll Get There. The Cerebral Feeling Leads The Way Into A Much Happier Mindset. Allowing You To Go Forth And Conquer Without Getting Overstress.


If Available In A Vape Cartridge, I Think May Even Be A Good Cannabis To Partake On A Workday Lunch Break. But Only A Hit Or Two So That None Of Your Efficiency Gets Distract. Even If You Love Your Job, Sometimes You Feel So Overwhelm And Worriy. It Can Be Hugely Beneficial To Your Overall Workflow And Process To Have A Little Help From. Chronic Fatigue And Typical Millennial Burnout Can’t Be Cure By Cannabis Alone. But  Is Absolutely A Strain In The Right Direction If Managing These Symptoms Is A Priority To You.


VERSACE OG Is A Clear-Headed Sativa-Dominant Hybrid Created By Crossing Sour Diesel, OG Kush, And Granddaddy Purple. This Trio Of Trichome-Rich Strains Is Combined To Offer An Array Of Effects That Work Off Each Other. Sour Diesel’s Heady Buzz Acts A Catalyst, Adding A Stimulating Alertness To The Luscious Body Effects And Pleasant Euphoria Native To Granddaddy Purple And OG Kush, Respectively. Enjoy This Pungent Flower To Help Curb Depression And Fatigue While Elevating Mood And Muting Mild Physical Pain.



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